Mysterious lights seen over Lake area

Published: Dec. 19, 2011 at 4:38 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 19, 2011 at 6:38 PM CST
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V-22 Osprey
V-22 Osprey
Super Guppy
Super Guppy

Do you believe in UFO's? Well, a number of Lake area residents who saw strange lights in the sky Sunday night may have been asking themselves that question.

We cannot exactly say, "mystery solved," but from talking with officials at Chennault International airport we have a pretty good idea what those lights were.

It's the kind of sighting that sends a shiver down your spine if you believe in UFO's-- Alex Credeur saw the light show in the night sky from her house on Tenth Street. "It would just stop and flicker and it would disappear and then another one would do it. And there's probably six to eight of them at a time."

They're not easy to see on video but it was clear to Alex, it was something unusual. "I mean it was just bizarre. If I thought it was something I could explain I wouldn't have taken video of it."

Officials at Chennault International Airport are used to seeing government aircraft.  And while they can't say for sure deputy director Anthony Ware says the lights may have been from different types of aircraft returning from the war in Iraq. "The war is over so you may see some military aircraft transiting through the area and the light patterns for those aircraft are significantly different from what you're used to seeing at night."

He says the lights could have been a V-22 Osprey which is an aircraft that can covert to a helicopter.  And, there's a NASA Super Guppy that has been doing maneuvers in the area. "That information really is not shared with the airport because it's classified. However, we do get military aircraft in our air space because it's great air space to fly in and do maneuvers and train,"said Ware.

He says such flights are good for the airport. So if you were thinking maybe the lights were from an alien life form visiting the area-- well ware says he's about as alien as you'll see out here.  "I come in peace. Beam me up Scotty. Or, you know, my boss is Randy Robby. Beam me up Randy. And we can go where no man has gone before."

Still, just in case, we signed up to witness any alien autopsies that take place down the road.

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