Calcasieu Endangered Sites

The 11 Most Endangered Sites in Imperial Calcasieu:

1. The Historic Sabine Lighthouse. The valiant Cameron Preservation folks are working to save this significant structure on the very corner of Louisiana. Their challenge must be picked up by more people throughout the state, in Texas and throughout the US. This brick structure is important to maritime history, Civil War history, commercial and social history, plus it is on of the most unusually constructed and romantically located lighthouses in America.

2. The I-10 Calcasieu River Bridge. The so-called "pistol bridge" is nearing the end of its serviceable life and plans are underway to replace it. When the bridge is replaced, if the pistol casting be reused in the new bridge, they should be recycled as a public arts project rather than just scrapped.

3. The I C Miller Warehouse at Broad and Enterprise. This is a building awaiting a rescue and new purpose. It reflects a history of the commerce and rail transportation that opened up the Southwest Louisiana Prairie at the turn of the 20th century.

4. The Haywood Building, Main Street Jennings. This deco-styled flatiron-shaped building though recently purchased, bares close watching. Downtown Jennings has a variety of architecture and scale that is part of a winning charm.

5. The Southern Pacific Fright Depot, Bilbo at Railroad Avenue, Lake Charles. This is a relic of the great age of the train. Lake Charles had three grand train depots at one time but this is the last remaining local vestige of the transportation network that built America.

6. The Edgerly Rice Drier Complex, Edgerly. A symbol of the one grand rice empire of Southwest Louisiana.

7. John's Barn, 18th Street, Lake Charles. A drive, a honky-tonk, a bar that your mother warned you to stay away from, yet it testifies to Southwest Louisiana's rowdy social history as a place where one worked hard and "played" harder.

8. Rural Cemeteries in Beauregard, Allen and CAlcasieu parishes. Out of the way cemeteries which marked mill towns or rural churches are endangered when the descendants move away, die off or as a result of weather or erosion.

9. Live Oak Trees, especially on vacant or wooded lots in communities throughout the five parishes.

10. Wetland and wild marshes. The wetlands of Louisiana, a huge percentage of which is located in Southwest Louisiana, is among the most productive water-based real estate in North America and helps to support fisheries, sporting interests, birding and recreation.

11. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. This Favrot and Livadais designed Romanesque church replaced the original church after the great fire of 1910. There is a move to consider architectural changes to the structure to accommodate certain religious activities.