The Sabine Pass Lighthouse

After 142 years, a longtime Southwest Louisiana landmark is finally accessible by road. You now have the chance to see it up close.

Few too many people know about this treasured landmark at the far Southwest corner of Louisiana. It's the old Sabine Pass lighthouse near Johnson Bayou.

Howard Romero and Glenn Alexander say it's one of Southwest Louisiana's best kept secrets; "As a young guy, I've been here at the lighthouse many times. By either boat, horseback or four wheeler. It's something you don't see around here very often. The historical site and the value and history of the site at the lighthouse at Johnson Bayou."

the men are part of the Cameron Preservation Alliance, which is seeking to return the lighthouse to the way it was when it was built in 1857. Romero says, "We'd like to see it restored. And for the benefit of the people and the history, we'd like to see it to it's previous existence. Being able to bring people out here. Have a walk way out here so they can visit it."

Up until a few weeks ago, the nationally historic lighthouse was not accessible by road. But now, work is underway to show everyone's it's beauty. "I just love it. It's the most peaceful place in the world. I could only imagine what it was like in those days and the history of what went on."

Local historical experts call the Sabine Lighthouse one of the most significant landmarks in Southwest Louisiana.