Latest on alleged 'Bentley Bandit', wanted in 9 other jurisdictions


Justin Durbin, the alleged 'Bentley Bandit' is being held without bond at the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center.  He has three local charges against him: aggravated flight from officer; illegal possession of stolen things; and theft under $300. Durbin will have the option of going in front of a district judge and waive immediate extradition.  He will have to face his crimes in all jurisdictions.

Deputy US Marshal, Corey Britt said that when Louisiana State police caught up with Durbin, he was not only in possession of a stolen 2007 Bentley Continental GT vehicle but also his license plate which read "Dial 911" was also stolen from Biloxi, Mississippi.

Our affiliate NBC2 Fort Myers, Florida has supplied video of Durbin seeming to case a luxury car dealership in Florida.  The car he is seen eyeing is the same vehicle he later had stolen from the lot.

See full video for more.

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The following is a news release from the U.S. Marshals Service 7/15:

Lake Charles, LA – Twenty-two year old Justin William Durbin was arrested on Trousdale Road in Sulphur after at least two high-speed chases and a multi-jurisdictional manhunt.  Durbin was Wanted by the following agencies: Pima County Sheriff's Office in Arizona (2010), Baton Rouge PD (3/2011), Mt. Pleasant PD / South Carolina (4/2011), Collier County Sheriff's Office / Naples, Florida (7/2011), Lafayette PD (2010), Virginia Beach PD (6/2011), Escambia County Sheriff's Office / Pensacola, Florida (6/2011), Hamilton County Sheriff's Office / Noblesville, Indiana (6/2011), and Prince Georges County Sheriff's Office / Maryland (5/2011).  The charges range from Probation Violation, Grand Theft Auto, Larceny, Burglary, and Fraud.

Late last night (7/13) Louisiana State Police (LSP) in Lafayette (Troop I) received information from authorities in Florida that Durbin was in the Lafayette area.  LSP contacted the US Marshals Violent Offender Task Force (VOTF) and the two agencies worked together to locate Durbin.  The information from Florida suggested Durbin was driving a stolen 2007 Bentley, GT Continental.  Last night LSP located the car, but Durbin was able to get away.  This morning, LSP and VOTF joined forces again; this time LSP brought additional resources to include their helicopter.  Throughout the day information was processed, leads were developed, and finally Durbin was located again, this time in Lake Charles.  During a high-speed pursuit, Durbin lost control of the stolen Bentley and eventually wrecked the car.  This led to a foot pursuit where Durbin briefly got away.  LSP and VOTF requested blood hounds from Phelps Correctional Center who responded and kept Durbin on the move.  At approximately 9:45 p.m. Durbin was located on Trousdale Road in Sulphur and arrested without incident.   When Durbin was contacted by Law Enforcement, he simply put his hands in the air and said, "it's me."  Other agencies that played a critical role in this arrest: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office (provided air and ground support) and Louisiana National Guard who provided the helicopter for Louisiana State Police.

Henry Whitehorn, the United States Marshal for the Western District of Louisiana, said, "The coordinated effort of all law enforcement to bring dangerous criminals to justice ensures that the streets and neighborhoods of Louisiana are a safer place to raise our children."


Thursday, 7/14/11 night update:

A man wanted for larceny and theft in multiple states was captured near Mossville on Thursday night after leading local, state and federal authorities on a high-speed chase and manhunt.

The suspect, 22 year old Justin William Durbin of Oklahoma was caught on Trousdale Road around 9:30 p.m.

Earlier in the day, authorities say Durbin led them on a high-speed chase in a stolen Bentley. They say he ended up crashing the Bentley in a ditch near Evergreen and Old Spanish Trail.

Louisiana State Police said the Bentley was stolen from Florida.

According to NBC affiliate WBBH in Ft. Myers, Durbin was wanted by local authorities there for stealing a Bentley from the Ambassador Auto Sales dealership in Naples, Florida back on June 28.

According to WBBH's story, Durbin pretended to be taking the vehicle on a test drive, but never returned.

In addition to recovering the Bentley, LSP also found several license plates in the vehicle's trunk.