Redmond gets life in prison for first degree murder

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Kermit Redmond was found guilty of first degree murder in state district court on Tuesday afternoon. Redmond was found guilty by a judge for the 2007 first degree murder of Daniel Kennedy.After the guilty verdict was announced, Redmond was sentenced to life in prison. The state did not seek the death penalty in this case.

Evidence in the trial included a video that shows Lake Charles Police investigators interviewing Redmond and it goes on for nearly four hours.  It's only in that last hour that Redmond finally admits his involvement in the robbery and murder of Daniel Kennedy at Kennedy's home on Louisiana Avenue.

According to Redmond, he held a gun on Kennedy as another person-- a woman--strangled him with a shoe string.  Said Redmond on the video, "I held the gun on the man. Yolanda choked the man. It was done with a shoe string."

The woman Redmond calls by name is Yolanda Reney who was indicted for first degree murder along with Redmond. But prosecutor David Kimball says they had to dismiss the charges because the only evidence they had was Redmond's statement.  "The law from Louisiana Supreme Court and U.S. Supreme Court say we cannot use his statements against her because she doesn't have the right to cross examine him because he's on video or audio. So, as long as charges are pending against him he's not going to be allowed to testify because his attorneys wouldn't let him do that and incriminate himself."

But now that Redmond is convicted he can take the stand against someone else.  "I'm very confident that we know what happened. The problem is proof against any other  persons and of course the police are still working on that aspect of it to see if we can find any other evidence against the female that he named."

In an unusual move, after Judge Kent Savoie found Redmond guilty and sentenced him, Redmond addressed the court urging that Reney be brought to justice. Redmond now heads to Angola to spend life in prison.

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