Jury Watches More Confession Video

Published: May. 8, 2003 at 10:45 PM CDT|Updated: May. 9, 2003 at 4:41 PM CDT
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May 9, 2003
Reported by Theresa Schmidt

The jury in the Ricky Langley murder trial is spending the day watching more video tape of his confession. Tune in at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 to see excerpts of what they saw.

Below is the story filed Thursday after jurors first saw the video.

February 10 1992. Ricky Langley has admitted to police that he killed six-year old Jeremy Guillory and stuffed the body in his closet. Investigator Deputy Lucky Delouche: "Who did you kill?" Langley: "Jeremy." Delouche: "Do you know Jeremy's last name?" Langley: "Yeah. They also call him Guillory."

The police video shows how investigators go to the crime scene where they video tape his confession. Delouche: "How did it happen?" Langley: "I choked him." Delouche: "No, I mean, how did Jeremy. How did Jeremy. Did Jeremy come over here? Did you go get him?" Langley: "No, Jeremy came knocking on the door. He wanted to know if Joey was home."

On the tape Langley appears calm, lucid, matter of fact as he tells how he strangled the boy and put him on his bed. Delouche: "You choked him with what?" Langley: "With my arm." Delouche: "Okay. Did he go unconscious?" Langley: "I guess. He wasn't moving. I ain't never done it before so I don't know and then I tied a string around his neck." Delouche: "And where did you put the body?" Langley: "First, I put him on my bed. Laid him down there until people started coming to search for him. I went back up in my room, looked at him. Then set him in my closet." They go inside the house where Langley will ultimately show them where the little boy's dead body is hidden. After the body is removed from the house, Langley is taken into custody.

That same day he gives another video statement. He talks about wanting the boy in a sexual way. Langley: "When I first saw him, I wanted him." Delouche: "Okay, and when you say you wanted him, what did you mean by that?" Langley: "I wanted to, put simple, molest him, love him, whatever you want to call it."

Later, the jury saw still photographs of the little boy's body at the scene. Photos that caused veteran detective and lead investigator Lucky Delouche to fight back tears as he testified about them.

There's no dispute that Langley killed the boy. But jurors must decide if he knew right from wrong to convict him of murder.