4/16/03: Roy and Pearl LaFleur

Date: April 16, 2003
Reported by: John Bridges

Roy LaFleur has a history of public service. His dad was Israel LaFleur, responsible for the I-210 bridge, which was named after him. Roy was drafted in 1941 and stayed stateside, helping train young recruits.

"A lot of people were from way off, like New York," says Roy.  "I used to get out there and cook some of our food like rice and gravy and chicken. They would sure like that."

LaFleur says it made the recruits feel a little more at home. Roy eventually married Lt. Pearl Taylor, an army nurse who served near the Dachau concentration camp. Pearl died in 1997, but Roy remembers her stories about the camp.

"When it was full, they would turn the gas on and kill them all. Dig a hole in there. Then bury them all in the same place. She was in a hospital real close and could see it all."

"She still remembered the wagon loads of bodies begin hauled off," says the LaFleur's daughter, Frances LeMaire.

Roy and the late Pearl LaFleur are this week's KPLC Billy Navarre Hometown Patriots.