Allen Parish Animal Rescue Investigation

By Crystal Price - bio | email

OAKDALE, LA (KPLC) - The Allen Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating possible animal cruelty charges against snake breeders in south Oakdale.

The sheriff's office received permission to investigate the "High End Herps, Inc." snake breeding business after a woman filed a criminal complaint against the breeders.

The woman said the two snake breeders advertised their business as a "germ free safe haven" for unwanted animals.

But when she found her dog for sale on-line, she took action with a criminal complaint.

Upon entering the residency of David Beauchemin and Tawni Beauchemin-Eddy, conditions led authorities to question whether or not the couple was feeding caged animals to their hungry snakes.

"We found conditions relating to cruelty to animals," said Chief Deputy Grant Willis of the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office. "Sanitary conditions there were very poor. We have been seizing evidence that will be tested later in the lab to see if there is anything illegal pertaining to the animals."

Authorities found other violations made by the snake breeders.

State law requires owners with snakes exceeding 12 feet in length to obtain a permit for their pet.

Twenty two of the almost 250 snakes exceeded 12 feet in length.

Since the snake breeders failed to get a permit for these snakes, all 22 of those snakes will be taken out of the residency.

David and Tawni Beauchemin remain behind bars as they have both been charged with an initial complaint of cruelty to an animal.

Investigators are currently waiting for lab results to see if any additional charges will be filed.

This is the same location that previous complaints have been filed regarding missing pets.  In those cases, the sheriff's department said the snake breeder didn't break any laws, so they were not able to enter the premises to investigate.

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