Kinder water woes continue for third, consecutive day

by Brandon Richards bio | email

KINDER, LA (KPLC) - For the third consecutive day, residents in the town of Kinder had to deal with low water pressure, but things were improving Tuesday.

Kinder Schools were closed again Tuesday because of the low water pressure.

Mayor Estes LeDoux says the town's water pressure was climbing toward ninety percent Tuesday afternoon. LeDoux expected the town's water pressure to be near normal Wednesday morning, after officials once again shut off the town's water Tuesday night at around 11 p.m.

LeDoux says the two main reasons the town was experiencing low water pressure was because too many residents left their faucets dripping over the weekend, so their pipes wouldn't burst because of the freezing temperatures. LeDoux also says there were a very high number of broken pipes and leaks all across town and officials and residents weren't discovering those problems until Monday and Tuesday.

LeDoux says he's heard from several concerned residents and for the most part they've been very understanding.

Cynthia Fontenot, who is visiting Kinder this week, says many people were more frustrated on Tuesday when they were trying to wash clothes at the local Laundromat.

Fontenot says she ended up washing her clothes at a relative's house in Kinder, but she says it took longer to fill the washing machine because of the low pressure.

Kinder Schools should be open again on Wednesday.

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