Judge finds Langley guilty of murder

Published: Nov. 2, 2009 at 2:37 AM CST|Updated: Nov. 7, 2009 at 12:01 AM CST
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By Adam Hooper - bio | email

The judge overseeing the trial of Ricky Langley has found him guilty of murder in the second degree. He was on trial for the 1992 murder of 6-year-old Jeremy Guillory.

Closing arguments were heard early this afternoon, and the judge announced a verdict around 4:00 p.m.

DAY 4, Thursday, November 5:

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It is day four in the Ricky Langley trial and both sides have made their case.

In this trial, many facts about Ricky Langley have surfaced. Langley has admitted he liked to sleep in grave yards, and that he also wanted to sleep with the body of 6 year old Jeremy Guillory, after he had allegedly killed him.

It is statements like these, along with several expert witnesses, that will ultimately contribute to Judge Wyatt making a decision on whether or not Ricky Langley was legally insane when he committed murder.

"No one has ever argued that Ricky Langley was the one that killed Jeremy Guillory. The whole issue is whether or not Ricky Langley was intending to kill Jeremy Guillory and understood what he was doing at the time. Whether or not a whole lifetime of serious mental illness is what lies at the bottom of killing this unfortunate young child," said Defense Attorney Richard Bourke.

To try and prove that Ricky Langley was insane when he killed Jeremy Guillory the defense called several key witnesses to the stand. John Thompson is the founder of Resurrection after Exoneration. Thompson stayed in the cell next to Ricky Langley while on death row in Angola prison. He testified that Ricky would often hold conversations with himself.
Both sides produced expert witnesses in the field of psychiatry. Dr. Rahn Bailey testified that he believes Langley suffers from schizophrenia, and psychotic episodes. Dr. Dennis Kelly, for the prosecution, believes Langley did know right from wrong when he killed Jeremy Guillory. Judge Wyatt, who will make the final decision in this trial, was clearly upset that two experts in the same field came to two different conclusions.

"We had one of the most renowned and respected forensic psychiatrists in the country come and stake his entire reputation on his opinion that Ricky Langley was legally insane at the time of this killing. The state also produced a psychiatrist that said he did not think that was right. The judge is faced with a difficult decision," said Richard Bourke.

"People make that decision all of the time. Sure, it is not easy to be the person who tries a case. But, he can do it. I know he is up for it," said Cynthia Killingsworth with the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney's Office.

Talking points between the prosecution and Dr. Dennis Kelly:

*Prosecution asked Dr. Kelly if Langley knew what was right and wrong after he committed the crime. Dr. Kelly stated that if he tried to cover up his crime, then yes, he knew right from wrong.

*Prosecution asked Dr. Kelly if Langley probably felt guilty after the crime. Dr. Kelly said it would depend on the behavior after the crime.

*Dr. Kelly talked about the transcripts from Langley's mental evaluations at Lake Charles Mental Health facility in the mid 80s. In the transcripts, Langley was claiming he was hearing voices, and that he was having thoughts of pedophilia, and was feeling guilty about it.


DAY 3, Wednesday, November 4:

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It was the third day of the third trial, and early this morning the state rested. The semen stain that was found on six year old Jeremy Guillory's shirt has been proven to have come from Ricky Langley.

The defense called several witnesses to the stand. The first witness was John Thompson. Mr. Thompson was on death row for fourteen years before he was exonerated by a jury after he got another trial. While Mr. Thompson was on death row his cell was right next to Ricky Langley's cell. he testified to hearing Langley talk to himself and hold conversations with himself.

Another witness called by the defense was Ricky Langley's sister, Darlene Langley Humphreys. She also testified that Ricky would talk to himself. She pointed out that while Langley's mother was pregnant with him she was on several medications, after being in a severe car wreck.

Both testimonies contributed to the defenses insanity case.


DAY TWO Tuesday, November 3:

A much older looking Ricky Langley was in court again today, on trial for allegedly murdering 6 year old Jeremy Guillory 17 years ago.

Judge Wyatt cleared the courtroom after the defense fought to try and include personal information into the life of investigator Donald DeLouche in their case. Their motion was denied.

While on the stand Detective DeLouche was questioned about the tape in which Ricky Langley can be seen and heard confessing to molesting 6 year old Jeremy Guillory. The defense, hoping to show the judge Langley's confession was made up, produced letters written by Ricky Langley to the District Attorney's office and law enforcement recanting his statements regarding that molestation.

Later in the afternoon, a series of witness were called to the stand to trace the chain of evidence. An expert in DNA evidence also took the stand and testified to the discovery of semen found on the shirt of Jeremy Guillory.

The Ricky Langley trial will pick back up Wednesday morning.


DAY ONE Monday, November 2:

Langley is once again standing trial for the 1992 murder of six year old Jeremy Guillory of Iowa. He is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.

Langley was arrested after Guillory's body was found in his closet. The boy had been strangled. Langley's first two trials were for first degree murder. He received the death sentence for the first trial which was later overturned because of the way the foreman was picked.

His second trial the jury found him guilty of second degree murder. That trial was also overturned.

In an interview on Monday the mother of the murdered boy spoke out. "Having to re-live the nightmare and the details and just having to re-live all of that all over again it is like a nightmare that just never ends," said Lorilie Guillory.

Monday, several transcripts from former trials were read by the Judge Wyatt, but there were also several live witnesses.

The judge heard from a woman that he lived with in 1992, mister Langley's former boss also took the stand, and Lake Charles police chief Don Dixon, who worked for the FBI at the time of Langley's arrest, also took the stand.

During the trial, Langley appeared to be paying attention and even smiling at some points - despite having a bandage under one of his eyes coving a cut that, his attorney said, came from being ruffed up by another inmate. But, when the prosecution played a tape of Langley confessing to killing the young child, and the police uncovering the body, Ricky Langley hung his head to the ground and did not watch.

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