A year later, Cameron residents remember the devastation of Hurricane Ike

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Last year at this time, people were evacuating the Cameron area. Tomorrow makes one year since Hurricane Ike rolled ashore, once again, devastating the people living along the coast. For many, the memories of last year, at this time, are not good ones. In Cameron, you do not have to go far to meet someone who lost it all in the storm.

"My family had a mobile home across the street from me and they lost everything," said Kimberly LeBlanc.

"It is always nerve racking, because you never know what is going to happen," said Bobby Landreneaux.

Bryon Richard said he has lived in Cameron all of his life, and is no stranger to evacuations.

"We evacuated at this time. We hauled everything we own out, and ended up in a motel in Leesville. We watched it on television like everybody else," said Bryon Richard.

Many said they really did not expect Ike to do as much damage as it did.

"We figured we would get a little water, but we never imagined we would get the amount of water that we got," said Bryon Richard.

In recent years, Cameron has suffered heavy damage from two storms. This time, residents are hoping and praying this season is much different.

"Hopefully the good Lord is going to spare us this year, and we will just live for another season," said Bobby Landreneaux.

"This is the only place I know. I would not be happy living anywhere else," said Bryon Richard.

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