2nd Annual Roastin' with Rosie Barbeque Festival

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Even though it was pouring down rain, the smell of barbeque was still in the air at the Roastin' with Rosie Barbeque Festival.

"The fun doesn't stop. When it rains, everybody moves under the canopy and the music keeps going," said Burt Tietje.

"We took the rain, we worked with it. If it was hot, we would be complaining, but we worked with what we have," said James Hamilton.

"We're having a good time despite the weather.  We were still able to taste some good barbeque, not good barbeque, but the best barbeque," said Robin Semien.

It's poured a lot of rain at the barbeque festival, but people don't seem to care. There's live music and great tasting barbeque to eat, but who has time to dance when barbeque is being served and hungry festival goers had plenty of choices.

"It's excellent. Top of the line like my grandfather said," said Semien.

"The barbeque is great. We have chicken, biscuits, and ribs. They're number one in the land," said Hamilton.

These barbeque pros know how to cook.  They say the competition is tough, but the product tender with time to enjoy with friends.

"It's great to see people that I don't get to see a lot of times and also having all these people coming into Jennings and having a good time," said Wayne Bergeaux.

"Great team came out, worked together, and even the rest of the venues who came out to work. Great people to work with," said Hamilton.

The barbeque festival had live music, great food, and a lot of fun.  Everything a Southwest Louisiana resident could ever want.

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