Dealers make last minute cash for clunker deals

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you're still driving your old clunker and you're looking to get that big discount from the government for a newer, more fuel efficient ride, the cash for clunkers program is running on fumes.

"Once the word came out that the cash for clunkers was going to officially end on Monday, everybody's taking advantage here in the city as far as trading in those qualified cash for clunkers," said Marsh Buice.

The rebate program officially ends on Monday.  Rolland Pitre says it's a deal that was too good to let pass up.

"I have a old truck that I felt I wouldn't be able to get anything on trade in so being the last day for the clunker program, I decided to come in and see if I can get a new truck," said Rolland Pitre.

He got the truck at the price he wanted and looks forward to not having to visit the auto shop, except for routine maintenance.

"Repair parts and labor get kind of expensive. I think I will enjoy riding worry free for a while," said Pitre.

The cash for clunkers program has been successful for dealerships and while the program ends on Monday, dealers believe the program can hopefully jumpstart the auto industry.

"This momentum will continue to swing and continue to bring traffic in since it has jump started the market," said Buice.

"I really hope it does because a lot of people's job depending on it. I really hope it can bring the auto-industry back," said Pitre.

While some dealers say they've stopped taking applications, the government insists there is enough to pay for deals made before Monday's deadline.

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