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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - They are hair volumizing, leave-in inserts that promise you'll go from flat to fabulous in seconds.  I figured the ladies in the newsroom would be able to help me out with this one.  They opened the box to find instructions, a teasing comb, and three different sized Bumpits: small, medium, and large.

Our Tiffany Blackmon gives us insight as to why these little hair accessories are becoming so popular, "Everyone's trying to always get that extra lift at the top of their hair, so this would probably be a good way to do that."

That makes sense, anything to make doing hair much easier.  Tiffany was up first with the small Bumpit.  Tiffany describes her hair type as thick.  Tiffany worked to use the Bumpit while Britney Glaser read the instructions.

 "First, part hair across crown of head directly above ears, picking up a section of hair about two inches deep," says Britney.  "Brush parted hair upwards and tease.  Oh, we're still teasing!  Tease three inches high.  Get it teased girl.  Then you place the Bumpit.  Insert firmly on scalp, behind the part line."

It's Tiffany's first time at it, and she ran into some trouble.  So she stepped aside to work on it some more.  Britney tried it next.  Britney describes her hair as medium thickness and straight.  She used the same instructions, plus some hair spray, and it did the trick.  Britney admits it was slightly too large, and she would need more hair to completely hide the Bumpit.  As for Julie Fay, she has fine and silky hair.  Her hair was the longest in length, so she used the large Bumpit.  She found it was very difficult to hide the Bumpit completely with such fine hair.  The ladies offered their final verdicts:

Julie says, "The Bumpit does not work."
Britney says, "It works in my book."
Finally, Tiffany says, "I'll say no, I don't think it works."

So the consensus amongst the three is that the Bumpits success is dependent upon each individual's hair type; therefore, Bumpits get a KIND OF for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  A three pack cost us $9.99 at a local business.  We purchased the (brunette) light brown color, but they also come in three additional shades: light blonde, dark blonde, and black.

Web Extra:  Be sure to check out the un-cut video clips at the top of this page for more on Bumpits.  They feature the entire process of Tiffany, Julie, and Britney installing the Bumpits in their hair.  This way, you can make your own determination of whether you want to shell out the cash for Bumpits.  It comes with a comb and you'll still need your hair spray.

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