Albino dolphin spotted again

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Chris Spicer and Chris Stanley were at the right place at the right time.

"My partner decided to go to the ferry and see if we might be able to see the pink dolphin.  We came down and sure enough she came up in this area. I saw her and another dolphin playing around," said Chris Spicer.

It's not clear if the albino dolphin is female but the pinkish color is fitting.  The last sighting of the rare animal was June 15th.  Though Spicer and Stanley didn't snap a shot, they say they've been trying to spot it for more than six months.

"It's a rarity so we felt lucky to see it. You don't get to see it everyday so we're probably one of the few," said Spicer.

"We were very surprised. We've come down here several times and have not seen it. For the first time we got to see it and it was special. She's really beautiful," said Chris Stanley.

Both men recall the dolphin was swimming in a group of about ten other dolphins. They were glad to see it even though it was for a very short amount of time.

"She didn't surface long. She was surfaced for a couple of seconds and then she would be gone," said Stanley.

"Probably two or three seconds maybe five. She doesn't seem to surface as much as the rest of them but she doesn't come up that much," said Spicer.

They weren't expecting to see the pink dolphin. Now that they have, they were back at the Cameron ferry hoping to see it again.

"We would like to see her again maybe get some photos next time," said Spicer.

"She's so rare and it's really special just to see her," said Stanley.

They got to see her and who knows when she will pop back up.

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