Disc jockeys remember The King of Pop

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Just like his songs, news about the death of the man known as "The King of Pop" took over radio airwaves.

Aaron Shae, 92.1 KISS FM on-air personality says, "It's so sad.  Words can't describe how much of a loss it is."

Gina Cook, on-air personality for 107 JAMZ, says, "The Farrah Fawcett thing we kind of knew was coming, Ed McMahon was an older man, Michael's death was just kind of crazy."

Radio stations played non-stop Michael Jackson songs as a tribute to the musical icon who first performed with his brothers when he was only 6-years-old.

KZWA 104.9's "Dr. Good Foot" says, "Usually when a child is that young they look up to their older siblings, but Michael's older brothers were looking up to him.  He made them what they were...The Jackson 5"

KZWA's morning show host Mitch Faulkner says, "It's kind of interesting the way it goes.  Michael emulated James Brown and Jackie Wilson to get to where he is.  Now, people have looked up to him as a musical icon and it goes on and on.  Through that he will live forever."

Those who loved the music superstar say Jackson was a great man, despite numerous allegations over the years.

92.9 The Lake on-air personality Gary Shannon says, "He was accused of a lot of things, but keep in mind he was found innocent of those charges.  He was an incredible performer and he's leaving a huge gap in the entertainment industry."

Michael Jackson was planning an upcoming tour in London.  Unfortunately, The King of Pop wasn't able to make the final curtain call, however his music will live on forever.

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