Louisiana attorney general launches investigation of Google’s business practices

Torchy’s Tacos coming to Louisiana in 2020; hiring for management positions

Taco Bell says adios to fan favorites on menu

  LEGAL CORNER-If your parent passes away with unpaid debt, are the children/heirs responsible to pay them?

  LEGAL CORNER: If community property was not settled and one passes, what are the rights of the other?

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  LEGAL CORNER: Does a parent need a will if they have only one child?

Find out if your information was impacted in latest Equifax data breach

  LEGAL CORNER: What are employers’ responsibilities to employees regarding payroll during an evacuation?

Makers of Tabasco visit White House for Made in America Product Showcase

Waitr to start delivering alcohol in Louisiana

LEGAL CORNER: What are some of the ‘unalienable rights’ in the Declaration of Independence?

Uber to launch statewide in Louisiana on July 3

Uber announced Tuesday, July 2 that it will expand its services into every parish in Louisiana starting Wednesday, July 3.

Commissioner of Insurance warns of genetic testing scheme targeting Medicare beneficiaries

A genetic testing fraud scheme is targeting Medicare beneficiaries, James Donelon with The Louisiana Department of Insurance said.

  LEGAL CORNER: “Handshake deals,” law suits, and hunting feral hogs

Submit your questions to Civil matters only, please.

Police: hidden camera found inside Planet Fitness tanning room

According to HPD, evidence led them to Fraizer, who works the third shift at Planet Fitness.

  LEGAL CORNER: What are the requirements to operate a food truck?

  LEGAL CORNER: At what age is a child’s input considered in custody matters?

  Legal Corner: Construction lighting is disturbing my residence, is there an ordinance?

  Farmers Markets around Southwest Louisiana

  Legal Corner: My job fired me shortly after moving a long distance, am I entitled to money?

Get tickets for $20 during National Concert Week



About Us

About Us

Legal Corner: What can I do if new development causes my land to flood?

Legal Corner: New construction causing drainage problems

  Legal Corner: How do I report a nurse abusing my grandmother?

Legal Corner: How do I report a nurse abusing my grandmother?

  LEGAL CORNER: I filed for custody in La., my ex filed for custody in Miss. - what’s going to happen?

Me and ex recently split up. He moved to Mississippi. We have one child together. I filed for custody here in Calcasieu. I allowed the child to be with him during his time off at his new home in Mississippi. I later learned that he filed for custody in Mississippi. What’s going to happen?

Proposed bill would legalize low-speed electric scooters in Louisiana

A Louisiana bill that would allow low-speed electric scooters on the roadway has been introduced in this year’s special session.

  Southwest Louisiana preparing for new legislative session

Sure we got a great place to be here. But there’s others in the united states that we compete with.

  Legal Corner: Does Louisiana recognize a common law marriage from Texas?

Legal Corner: Does Louisiana recognize a common law marriage from Texas?

  Legal Corner: Who is responsible if a landlord’s employee steals?

Legal Corner: Who is responsible if a landlord’s employee steals?

Yelp adds health scores for Louisiana restaurants

Yelp launched a new health feature so users can not only eat well, but ensure their food safety in Louisiana.

GB Sciences approved to grow medical marijuana at LSU facility

A company has been approved to grow medical marijuana at Louisiana State University facility.

  Legal Corner: What’s the difference between a succession and an estate plan?

Legal Corner: What’s the difference between a succession and an estate plan?

Restaurants in the Lake Area begin implementing new charge on credit card customers

"Probably about 75% to 80% of all our sales in the building are credit card based"

  Legal Corner: Are non-compete clauses enforceable?

Legal Corner: Are non-compete clauses enforceable?

Former inmates encourage businesses to give felons a second chance

Former inmates used their Friday afternoon to encourage business owners to take a chance and hire once convicted felons. Their hope is to show people their words aren’t just prison talk.

  Legal Corner: Can I get my money back for paying for my ex’s education?

Legal Corner: Can I get my money back for paying for my ex’s education?

Grant awarded to give high school drop-outs training and job placement

A program to train and place high school drop-outs will start in June.

Calcasieu Pass LNG, TransCameron Pipeline receive FERC approval

The planned Calcasieu Pass LNG export facility and TransCameron Pipeline in Cameron Parish have received approval from the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Venture Global LNG has announced.

Business summit speakers: Better infrastructure, maintaining fiscal equilibrium and public trust among priorities

Pushing for more efficient infrastructure, building public trust and maintaining fiscal equilibrium are some of the priorities to foster business growth and development in Louisiana, according to speakers at the statewide business summit.

Legal Corner: How do I get my last check from an old job?

Legal Corner: How do I get my last check from an old job?

  Legal Corner: Is my marriage legal?

Legal Corner: Is my marriage legal?

Waitr estimates its revenue grew 200% in 2018

Waitr, a Lake Charles based food delivery company, estimates it grew revenue by 200 percent last year.

  Legal Corner: Are landlords required to provide smoke detectors?

Legal Corner: Are landlords required to provide smoke detectors?

  How the government shutdown affects taxpayers

Government shutdown affects taxpayers

  Free haircuts being offered to federal employees affected by government shutdown

"People coming together and helping in times of crisis and need. That's what makes our country great."

Waitr completes purchase of Bite Squad

Waitr Holdings completes purchase of Bite Squad

Water bill scam circulating in Lake Charles

The City of Lake Charles does not call customers directly to request payment by phone, according to Katie Harrington, a public information officer for the city.

  Gray Chairman, CEO Hilton H. Howell Jr. rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange

Gray Television now owns and operates television stations and digital properties in 91 markets across the U.S., including nearly 150 affiliates of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC networks.

Louisiana gas terminal wins controversial $1B-plus tax break

A company planning a nearly $16 billion liquefied natural gas export terminal in southwest Louisiana has won approval for a five-year property tax break expected to be worth as much as $1.4 billion

  Small Business Saturday encourages residents to shop local

Small Business Saturday is the nation-wide holiday right in the middle of the holiday season aims to celebrate and support local businesses.

STUDY: Lake Charles area has highest 5-year employment increase in nation

Employment grew by 28.3 percent in Lake Charles in the past five years, according to the study.

  Small business expo coming to southwest Louisiana

"Southwest Louisiana is filled with talent, people have great ideas. That’s why this expo is so important."

2018 College & Career Fair

Students will have the opportunity to visit with representatives about employment potential, the secondary education process, and military service.

  New charging stations for electric cars in Sulphur

“It's a lot less trouble than to come up with the cash to buy a tank of gas sometimes."

LEGAL CORNER: How do I prove that I’ve made my child support payments?


LEGAL CORNER: Do veterans have to buy hunting licenses?

Jonathan Fontenot, with the Southwest Louisiana Law Center, has answers to your legal questions every Wednesday on KPLC! This week we talked about lawsuits, adoptions and hunting rights for veterans.

  LEGAL CORNER: Should I sue for my last paycheck?

Submit your questions to Civil matters only, please. QUESTION: I had an inground pool constructed four years ago. The pool company I used warranties the pool for the lifetime of the original owner. The pool has developed problems with the plumbing and plaster. Now there's a sign on the door of the pool company that says they are closed by order of the state due to failure to pay taxes. Do I have any recourse against the pool company or sub-contractors of the pool c...

  New law protects those who rescue children left in a hot car

on August 1, over 400 news laws were put into effect in the state, one of them being the "Good Samaritan Law", giving some protection to the people who attempt to save a child or pet left in a vehicle. The heartache of a life lost after being left in a car is an all too common occurrence. According to the National Safety Council, on average, about 37 children die every year from this preventable situation. "If somebody sees a child in a car or a pet and they...

LEGAL CORNER: Will a common law marriage in another state be recognized in Louisiana?

Submit your questions to Civil matters only, please. QUESTION: I am a homeowner outside of the city limits in Calcasieu Parish. My neighbor has cypress trees on his property. As a result, I have a large number of cypress knees on my property. If I hit one of those knees with my zero turn mower, who is responsible for the damage to my frame? ANSWER: There is not a clear cut answer for this situation.  The law is clear regarding removal of ove...

  LEGAL CORNER: If my neighbor's tree falls, it will hit my house. What can I do about this?

Submit your questions to Civil matters only, please. QUESTION: I have a problem with a tree in my neighbor’s yard. The tree is split and rotten. The tree has a huge bee hive and possums living in it. If it falls, it will hit my house. I took a picture from my back door. What can I do about this? ANSWER: Well, it is magnificent that you contacted us before the damage is done! On multiple occasions, we are contacted after a tree has damaged someone’s prope...

  LEGAL CORNER: How do I get a car I cosigned for signed over to me?

Submit your questions to Civil matters only, please. QUESTION: I need to know how can I get my ex-daughter-in-law to sign a car title over to me. She lives in Houston and I live here in Lake Charles. I cosigned for the car in Lake Charles in 2012, the car was in repo in 2017 in Colorado and I had to pay four months back pay and get it transported here. ANSWER: Not a good situation, but we need a little more information – when you say you cosigned, do you mean ...

Tips for keeping your Christmas plants after the holidays

If you have Christmas plants left over after the holidays, you might be wondering if you can replant that poinsettia. Or can you keep that Christmas cactus?

Authorities: Mississippi man arrested on I-10 with $35,000 worth of marijuana

The Calcasieu Parish Combined Anti-Drug Task Force (C.A.T. Team) has arrested a Mississippi man who was transporting over a hundred pounds of marijuana, worth about $35,000, on I-10, authorities say.

KPLC Salutes Presentation

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Rice planting in La. a 'tale of two regions'

Rice planting in southwest Louisiana is virtually through, while planting in northeast Louisiana has come to a standstill because of wet weather.

Ford issues recall on 161,000 Escapes

The first of two recalls announced by Ford on Tuesday affects more than 161,000 Escapes worldwide from the 2013 model year with 1.6 liter four-cylinder engines. Ford says the cylinder heads can overheat and crack, causing oil leaks.

11th Annual SWLA Garden Festival

The SWLA Garden Festival takes place this weekend at Burton Coliseum.  The festivities kicks off Friday with a preshow that consists of gumbo, a silent auction, and venders selling all types of plants.

HIRE Act to Benefit Employers Who Increase Workforce

Two new tax benefits are now available to employers hiring workers who were previously unemployed or only working part time. These provisions are part of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act enacted into law today.

Annual LDAF Shade Tree Sale dates set

The annual Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry's Shade Tree Sale will run from March 1 through March 5. In the Lafayette and Opelousas area, the sale will start on Feb. 27 and end March 5.

Pet Poison Helpline’s List of Top 10 Human Medications Poisonous to Pets

Pet owners who are serious about pet-proofing their home should start with their own medicine cabinet.

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US Unwired Purchase Makes it Largest Sprint Affiliate

U-S Unwired will acquire all outstanding shares of I-W-O Holdings. Lake Charles-based U-S Unwired will issue about 45 million shares of common stock with an aggregate market value of 459 dollars. I-W-O, based in Albany, New York, has a net indebtedness of 99 million dollars that will remain outstanding.

State Tourism Industry to lose $400 Million since 9-11

The heard of the state's tourism bureau says the September 11th terrorist attacks and a slower economy will cost Louisiana's tourism industry up to 400 million dollars. Pre-September projections of an estimated 24 millon visitors coming to the state in 2001 have been adjusted to about 21 million.