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Man saw fiancée struggling with intruders, so he grabbed his shotgun

Woman raised nearly $5K on GoFundMe when her infant son died; police say she killed him

Football coach suspended for running up score on undefeated team

Man stabbed to death over chicken sandwich at Maryland Popeyes

Don’t scratch it, don’t cut it; No-Shave November is upon us

Chinese farmer chopped off finger after snake bite; doctors say that wasn’t necessary

Man hired hitman, who hired hitman, who hired hitman, who hired hitman, who hired hitman, who snitched

Reports: HBO pulls plug on 1 of 2 planned ‘Game of Thrones’ prequels

  California man runs for governor so he can run false ads on Facebook

Off-duty Dallas cop thought he shot intruder; it was his son

Police: Florida woman dislocated son’s jaw when he wouldn’t stop playing Fortnite, take a shower

Man stole Santa Claus suit from church, police say

Nationals’ Trea Turner stole a base, so Taco Bell will give us a free taco

Tupac A. Shakur arrested for meth possession in Tennessee

Staff fired, season canceled when suspended player suits up disguised as new player

  Final ‘Star Wars’ trailer premieres on Monday Night Football

UK just opened its first Chick-fil-A days ago; It’ll close in 6 months

Elderly Florida woman accused of hitting boyfriend with metal detector for watching porn

Florida man raped 10-year-old he met on Snapchat, deputies say

Burglary suspect told cops they’d never find him; Then they looked in his attic

Plane propeller severs Florida woman’s arm, deputies say

Florida man wore female underwear, tried on baby clothes during break-in, deputies say

Man shoots self in face after firing at ceiling to quiet down noisy upstairs neighbors

Tons of bagels burn to a crisp when truck hauling them catches fire

PETA asks Mississippi State to retire live mascot after collision with Auburn player

Man in shark onesie violently shoves McDonald’s manager, police say