Victoria Cassell

Multimedia Journalist & Weekend Anchor
Topeka, KS
Victoria Cassell

Growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, I remember watching the news and thinking “I want to do that, it just feels right!” As the child of missionaries traveling between Africa and the United States, my interest in world news expanded, but actually becoming a news reporter/anchor always felt so out of reach, until I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It was at IUP that I majored in Communications Media and joined one of my school’s news production clubs where I finally began to see that my dream was achievable. I got experience behind the cameras, field reporting and floor directing. I even joined my school’s radio station, and hosted my own show called “The Median Mix”, and to my surprise people all over the world tuned in.

I took advantage of my university's study abroad program and traveled to South Korea to visit my father’s side of the family, learn and develop more world news knowledge.

It all led me to Topeka! I’ve been a Morning Producer here at WIBW, and now I report three days a week and anchor the weekend evening shows.

What a pleasure it is to tell the many stories of Topeka! I am thrilled and ready to hear and interact with all of our viewers. If you have any story requests/questions don’t hesitate to send them my way!