Hometown Heroes - Pack the Tent

Published: Nov. 16, 2023 at 3:38 AM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Abraham’s Tent is stocked up for another year, thanks to the help of KPLC viewers. Last week’s “Pack the Tent” replenished the feeding program’s pantry. Director Pearl Cole says that makes KPLC viewers her Hometown Heroes.

“I’m so very grateful,” said Cole. “So very grateful. Just like I said before, we can’t do our job without you. We can show up, but we really can’t provide the meals without you.”

Volunteers carefully restocked the donations received last week from individuals and businesses.

“This room makes me happy, to be honest with you. I can do my job. I can plan meals for a week, even up to a second week and know that i can just pull what I need from this area. We don’t have to stop in the middle of everything, run to Sam’s or run to a grocery store or whatever.”

Hundreds of hot meals are served each week to anyone who needs to be fed. They’ve been doing this since 1987.

“Those constant people who have been here since I’ve been here, or who are always constant, no matter what they give or what they do, they’re the reason we’re here. We are here because they started us a long time ago and we’ve been able to maintain until this time.”

And your donations last week will help Abraham’s Tent continue to provide meals to those who are hungry. Donations can still be dropped off at 2424 Fruge St. in Lake Charles, next to UPS.