Sports Person of the Week - Iowa baseball head coach Daniel Hennigan

Published: Nov. 4, 2023 at 9:31 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Iowa baseball head coach Daniel Hennigan was named Louisiana coach of the year for all of Division 2 baseball he said it’s an honor he is grateful to have been selected for.

“It’s pretty cool it’s not necessarily a goal you would seek but to be nominated by someone I would assume another coach somewhere in the state that’s pretty neat, Hennigan said. “That someone who loves baseball loves high school sports and they thought hey man this random guy at Iowa is pretty decent that’s pretty cool

Hennigan and his coaching staff led their Iowa Yellowjackets to a state championship but it didn’t come without adversity and Coach Hennigan believes the hard work they put in in January allowed them to have success come May.

“We’re getting ready for the playoffs, and it was a really low-key practice, which is very rare I turned to one of our seniors as we were kind of jogging off the field, Hennigan said “And I’m like do you think that we can be relaxed now, because of January. so very tough. or do you think that we can be like this all year long and you know and grow to where we need to be and I expected the easy answer of No coach we could be chill all year and his answer was no I don’t think so we got to have tough times in order to have good times and you hear that all the time and I think that’s true so part of my job is to be in the tough times.

Hennigan and the Yellowjackets will look to repeat as state champs when their season gets underway in the Spring.