Meet the Candidates for State Representative District 24

Published: Sep. 29, 2023 at 7:07 PM CDT
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(KPLC) - In the race for State Representative of District 24, Clarence Beebe and Rodney Schermerhorn are vying to represent areas of Vernon, Sabine, and Beauregard parishes.

Clarence Beebe is a registered Republican who has been a resident of Hornbeck for over 60 years. Beebe has served as mayor of Hornbeck for the past 23 years.

Facing Beebe is incumbent representative Rodney Schamerhorn. Schamerhorn is a registered Republican who is eyeing another term in the House. He said serving the community is what led him to run for re-election.

Schamerhorn said if re-elected, he plans to address the many challenges he feels the state is having, including the tax structure. On the other hand, Beebe says issues like education and crime need improvement.

Early voting for the gubernatorial primary election begins Saturday, Sept. 30. For more election coverage, CLICK HERE.

Why are you running for office?

Beebe: “As a resident of Hornbeck for more than 60 years and the mayor for the past 23 years, I am uniquely qualified to understand the needs of the mostly rural communities that make up District 24. These communities deserve the proven effective leadership that I can provide.”

Schamerhorn: “Since a very early age I had been involved in community service, you know through the Jaycee’s, I was 15 years in Jaycee’s and then when I aged out, I got into Lions Club a little bit and then I got on board with Louisiana cattleman and then Beef Master’s National Cattleman Association, so I have always given back and I think that you know the lord has blessed me enough to where that’s what we are required to do, you know to give back to our communities and stuff like that.”

What is the biggest/first issue you want to tackle?

Beebe: “This is a good question without a simple answer. I’m a Pro-life Christian Conservative, who believes in Concealed Carry, but I also want to improve education, infrastructure, and economic opportunity, reduce crime, and make Louisiana the state we can all be proud to call home. Having said this, the first issue I will pursue is establishing relationships in the House and Senate as well as the Governor’s office that will allow me the opportunity for the successful pursuit of these initiatives. It’s about relationships.”

Schamerhorn: “We have to be competitive with our taxes, the next thing is our roads and bridges, we are $17 billion in road and bridges needs, just to get us to par, you know even, so you know that’s two challenges, not only that but the state is 20 billion dollars in debt. So you know, you add all those together, that’s 37 billion and for us to move the state forward we going to have to change the way we’ve done business since the Huey P. Long days.”

What qualifies you for the job?

Beebe: “I have 36 years of public servant experience as a volunteer in civic organizations as well as an elected council member and for the last 23 years as Mayor of The Town of Hornbeck. I have worked with others around the state as a team to secure more than $10 million in investments for Hornbeck. My ability to secure and manage resources is proven by clean audits, low utility rates, and a debt-free town with ample cash reserves.”

Schamerhorn: “Well, I got four years on-the-job training right now and it has been a challenge because I am a super conservative person, but I do have the four years of training, on-the-job training and it like anything else, seniority is a plus to have.”

Why should voters cast their ballot for you?

Beebe: “I have a 23-year track record of Proven Effective Leadership and accomplishments in Baton Rouge, and Hornbeck as well as the surrounding communities. I will provide the same leadership abilities for the people of District 24. I humbly ask for the vote and support of the people of State Representative District 24.”

Schamerhorn: “I have a 4 year track record of being a conservative. I am a Christian. I am a Republican and a businessman. I spend their dollars like I spend my dollars. I try to run the state, my input on the state issues are those as a businessperson and not as someone that’s just along for the ride. So I ask for their support to continue the fight for conservative values in Baton Rouge.”