FIRE UPDATE: Higher humidity helping hot spots, burns still banned

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 2:13 PM CDT
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SWLA, La. (KPLC) - Responders continue to work on the fires in Beauregard and Vernon parishes, but higher humidity has allowed crews to focus on remaining hot spots on the fires, focusing along the perimeter.

Officials do want to make the public aware that though we have been lucky to receive rain, Louisiana is still in a drought, and the burn ban is still in effect.

Ward 6 Fire released total rain accumulations for the week in their district, showing how little rain they have actually received. They remind the public several inches of rain over several days are needed to have a serious impact on drought conditions.

Tiger Island Fire continues to sit at 80% containment, spanning 31,087 acres. The fire received about a quarter inch of rain yesterday, and ongoing mop-up operations continue on portions of the eastern and southwestern sides of the fire. Firefighters are monitoring and suppressing reburn areas and patrol containment lines, removing any needle cast along control lines.

Recurring overnight infrared detection flights have been showing fewer remaining hotspots, and the ones that do exist are deep in the interior of the fires and away from containment lines.

Authorities want to make people aware that with the upcoming deer archery season, starting on Sept. 16, hunters should exercise caution. Even if fires are not actively burning, there are still hot spots and potential for reburn the could be dangerous to anyone within the interior of a burned area. Furthermore, hunters should be aware of fire crews working in any area.

Today will transition from rain potential, to slowly warming and lowering relative humidity, with sun, although there is potential for scattered showers. The rain that did occur yesterday barely moved the drought index but did temporarily increase relative humidity.

Smoke may occur in areas of reburn.

The Hwy. 113 Fire is around 89% contained, covering 7,124 acres, around the same as yesterday.

The Lions Camp Road Fire is unchanged at around 88% contained and 785 acres.

The Elizabeth Fire is also unchanged from yesterday, sitting at 85% containment and 950 acres.