Salon in Westlake on mission to share hope for those battling cancer through beanies made by survivors

Published: Aug. 30, 2023 at 12:22 PM CDT
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WESTLAKE, La. (KPLC) - A salon in Westlake is giving the gift that keeps on giving by supplying free beanies to those battling against cancer made by other survivors.

Kellie German has worked in hair for almost 20 years and is the owner of Infinity Salon and Boutique in Westlake. She aims to make people feel beautiful every day and now has made it her mission to help those battling with cancer feel the same way.

“These last couple of months have been really weighing on my heart,” German said. “I’ve had lots of clients that have been recently battling cancer and I just wanted to do something to give back to these women.”

German decided to use her platform of owning a salon to pass on a blessing to others and give away free chemo beanies to anyone losing their hair from chemo treatment.

“These cancer beanies are for women that are going through treatment or experiencing hair loss, and they’re easy to put on,” German said. “They’re lightweight, breathable and they won’t slip off. I’m praying that women will come forward and receive this free gift and it would just encourage them to continue fighting and give them a sense of hope.”

German paired with an organization knows as “Chemo Beanies” which is where she purchases the headwear designed but other cancer survivors.

When the idea came to her to do something to help, she contacted her friend, Tonya Duron, who has battled and survived cancer twice, to ask her opinion on the beanies.

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After losing her hair to treatment in both 2012 and 2020, Duron said things like wigs and scarves just weren’t working.

”I did try wigs the first time,” Duran said. “I bought several but it is just too hot, too itchy, and people don’t realize how bad your head hurts when your hair’s falling out when you shave it during chemo. Your head just physically hurts.”

Duran explained that when you’re in that process of chemo and losing your hair, you want to avoid putting things on your head that are itchy and hot.

She says wearing things like wigs and scarves didn’t make her feel like herself.

”You feel fake,” Duran said.

She says that wearing these beanies are more comfortable and provide you with just as much confidence.

”If you wear these, you just throw these on. They’re lightweight, they stay on your head due to the elastic” Duran said. “You want to have something on your head when you do go to things like events, doctors, chemo - you have to have something.”

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Survivors like Duran inspire German to help give the gift of a helping hand

“I hope that women will come forward,” German said. “I know that the journey is different and is hard for everyone, but I just pray that God would give them courage to step forward and Receive this gift.”

There are no requirements to pick up a free Chemo Beanie.

Contact: 337-439-2580 or stop by Infinity Salon and Boutique in Westlake, La.

600 Sulphur Ave. Westlake

If you would like to donate or help with Beanies ask for Kellie German.