Robotic simulators can give birth and mimic newborns as part of educational training for labor and deliveries

Published: Aug. 24, 2023 at 2:35 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - New technology could make training for labor and delivery complications more realistic.

The Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women just received some new robotic simulators to help train nursing staff for just about anything.

“I’ve been a nurse 21 years. So, when I started nursing we didn’t have anything like this,” Kimberly Eaves said.

Eaves is the director of the family birth center and family surgical center at the Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women, where they’ve been equipped with Super Tory and Noelle who can simulate giving birth.

“We’re seeing more and more sick patients with more high risks,” Eaves said.

Tory and Noelle will help nurses with educational training for different birthing scenarios.

“We can use it for drills that involve post-partum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, prolapsed cord, obviously your non-complicated vaginal deliveries,” she said.

Eaves told KPLC it simulates situations fairly accurately which can help prepare nurses by practicing real life situations before they’re faced with them in the delivery room.

“Knowing what it can do and for personal experience having a child and difficult pregnancy, it really empowered me to know how important it is to have this type of specialty training,” Garrett Stine said.

Stine with the Lake Charles Memorial Foundation, which funded the new technology, said that one of their goals is to make sure people in the community have access to exceptional care.

Nurses will begin training with the robotic simulators in the fall.