Allen Parish superintendent of schools holds first community meeting

Published: Aug. 14, 2023 at 10:22 PM CDT
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ELIZABETH, La. (KPLC) - Allen Parish Superintendent-Elect Brad Soileau held his first of six community meetings tonight at Elizabeth High School.

Soileau welcomed community members, board members, principals and teachers to come meet him and learn about his plans. He also answered questions and heard from the community on how education should grow in Allen Parish.

Patience will be a key thing for everyone as changes are made to benefit the parish. He said there will be a lot of things that remain in place, but he’s going to try new things. He’s going to push the envelope and wants the results to be positive for the parish.

Another plan Soileau would like to see in place is to utilize more of the parish’s digital assets. He said Reed began the work, and he is going to add more steps to it. He will continue to utilize Facebook and the district’s website.

Soileau has named a district communication specialist for the parish who will be overlooking all of the digital communication for the parish. He’s going to send a district newsletter to the faculty monthly to keep them abreast of education’s changes, news, wants, and lists.

“I’m excited to support everyone, listen to new ideas and make positive changes,” Soileau said of the upcoming year and his new job as the parish’s superintendent.

He also asked everyone to keep an open mind as he brings his footprint to the district and begins moving the parish forward.

“Last year, he came into our school and helped a lot with our school and he talked to me fair and square,” said Jessica Tarver a junior high English teacher at Elizabeth High. “He encouraged me to do my best and he understood difficult times that we go through as teachers, but he helped me get through that and so I’m thankful that he’s part of Alan Parish in a greater capacity so he can continue to do that for other people in our district.”

There will be five more community meetings:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 15 at the Oakdale High Auditorium
  • Thursday, Aug. 17 at Fairview High School
  • Monday, Aug. 21 at the Oberlin High gym
  • Tuesday, Aug. 22 at the Kinder High gym
  • Thursday, Aug. 24 at Reeves High School.