Mini-retirement: The latest trend in combating job burnout

40% of workers believe burnout is an inevitable part of success
Published: Aug. 10, 2023 at 2:56 PM CDT
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(InvestigateTV) — A new study by Asana found 70% of 10,000 workers across seven countries experienced job burnout in the last year.

Danetha Doe, the founder of the website Money & Mimosas, said the latest trend to combat burnout is a mini-retirement, which she described as an intentional break from a job, usually lasting somewhere between three months and a year.

“Most folks are familiar with the term sabbatical, and they can be interchanged,” Doe explained. “I see sabbaticals as being covered by your place of employment, and at this time, not all employers offer a sabbatical. I hope one day it becomes more of the norm and we all have access to this. But in the meantime, we’ve got mini-retirements which are self-funded, so the individual is funding their intentional career break.”

Doe said there are three signs that you may need a mini-retirement:

  • You love your job, but you’re lacking the motivation to complete tasks
  • You can’t remember what you like to do for fun
  • You start a side hustle or passion project, and you just lack the follow through because of stress or exhaustion

Doe said a mini-retirement doesn’t necessarily mean quitting a job, but it depends on the employer. She added that while mini-retirements aren’t common in the workplace, more employers are starting to recognize the need for intentional career breaks.

“So, they may not fund your mini-retirement. You may not be receiving payments, a salary during this time, but they may hold your job during your intentional break,” she said.

Doe has more advice for those considering a mini retirement, including an account of her own sabbatical, in her article ‘What is a mini-retirement?.’