Beauregard Parish goes back to school

Published: Aug. 8, 2023 at 5:55 PM CDT
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BEAUREGARD PARISH, La. (KPLC) - Students in Beauregard Parish are heading back to school this week. 7NEWS spoke to Superintendent Larry Hollie about his goals for his first year as superintendent.

What should parents and students know for the first day of school?

The start of school traditionally has been an exciting time. Sometimes there’s nerves and sometimes there’s a little bit of tears depending on which grade levels you’re in. For parents, there could be some trepidation in sending their babies to school for the first time, but I believe that school is a place where our students can be loved, where they can be nurtured, where they can be educated. And creating a positive mindset at home and carrying that into the first day of school and all the potential for wonderful things in the learning and teaching process. I think that a positive first day can create a positive mindset for the first year or the entire year I should say.

What schools, if any, offer free lunches this year?

Well this year, Beauregard Parish qualifies for the Community Eligibility Provision program, which it looks at our previous data on free and reduced lunches. And so for 23-24, all students K through 12 will eat breakfast and lunch for free.

What goals do you have for the upcoming school year?

I have been an educator for 23 years in every aspect. This is probably the epitome, I don’t think I could go any higher. But this is the first start as superintendent. So goal-wise, I want a successful first day as well as a successful first year under my superintendency. I want our campuses to feel safe, to feel supported. I want our students to enjoy that Monday through Friday experience in school. I know that it’s not everyone’s forte, but I think as educators it is our job to teach our students, to educate them, and to create an atmosphere where they want to be so my goal would be to encourage that schools are a good place, that our students want and love to be there.

Where should families go to find supply lists?

Our school supply lists are usually printed out and sent home with students at the end of the school year. We also encourage our school sites to post them on their websites. You can go there and find your school list. And if families don’t have access to the internet, or they’re just in a rush, maybe at Walmart, Target, doing whatever shopping they’re doing, they can call the school during our summer hours and that information can be available to them.

What is the latest on security?

Security is one of our primary directives. Something that Beauregard Parish takes very seriously. We’ve utilized some funds that were available to just add extra fencing, gates, and security. It’s an evolving thing for us because we constantly look at the security aspect and we look for any way to improve and just create a safe place for our students.

Do you know which schools have officers and training?

Our previous administration added two SROs in January of this year, which brings our total up to 12 across 13 campuses. We continuously work with ODP and our Chief Herford here at the sheriff’s department and the city of DeRidder Police Department, Chief Richard with providing security across our parish to our students. Currently, we’re undergoing some tabletop workshops for emergency situations across our campuses. In the springtime, we will do live drills that include our students, our new board, and our school safety coordinator, Mr. Jocelyn, along with our emergency agencies that have put eyes on our campuses.

Beauregard Parish has a high graduation rate. Is that something you plan to continue striving for?

Beauregard Parish has hung their hat on that and we will continue to graduate our students. Having a smaller population allows us to really focus in some attention, especially to our students who are in need academically. I love that about our parish and we as an organization of education want success at every level, whether it be college-bound, whether it be a career path, and that is something that has always been part of our parish and will continue to always be a part of it.

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