Local fireworks stand shares its history on Independence Day

Published: Jul. 4, 2023 at 6:23 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - What is the Fourth of July without fireworks?

Many families celebrate with their own display but those can only be bought in the state for four weeks out of the whole year.

Angelo’s, a local fireworks chain with 12 locations in Southwest Louisiana all started when Herbert Angelo Jr. began selling fireworks out of his trunk and became known as ‘the firecracker man.’

“Yes definitely still a family affair, we are locally family owned and operated since 1975,” Angelina Shadoin said.

Angelina is Angelo’s granddaughter.

His family who’ve helped his business grow say even though they are only open a few weeks each season, they spend the rest of the year preparing for it.

“The two weeks we’re open it’s like the mad rush on Christmas Eve at the toy store,” manager Jackie Manuel said.

“in the off seasons, we go to firework conventions where we watch all of the products and we rate them and then we go by the average of which ones the best, which ones we think is the best, also what’s cost-effective for people like what do you, no pun intended, get the most bang for your buck,” Shadoin said. “So like a lot of love goes into it.”

She said Angelo’s busiest days are usually the holidays themselves.

“Everyone waits to the last day of the holiday. It will be packed, yeah. it’s fun chaos though,” Shadoin said. “I love it, I look forward to it. It is chaotic.”

Shadoin runs the Lake Charles location where her favorite part is giving each kid that comes in a free gift. It’s something her grandfather started and a tradition she keeps.

“When you give them a gift it’s the most exciting thing in the world,” Shadin said.

A tradition and family legacy.

“Fireworks are our life. We love it,” Shadoin said. “We love the people and we love the joy it brings.”

Fireworks stands are only open through tomorrow, July 5. They’ll reopen December 15 for the holiday season.