Barbe celebrates Gavin Guidry following National Championship

Published: Jul. 3, 2023 at 11:04 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - June 26, 2023 is a date to remember for LSU fans as LSU baseball won their seventh National Championship in program history, but it’s a particularly special date for the Barbe High School community as former Buccaneer Gavin Guidry got the final six outs for the Tigers in their 18-4 College World Series-clinching win over the Florida Gators.

Exactly one week later on July 3, Guidry was celebrated back in Lake Charles for his efforts in helping bring a National Championship back to Baton Rouge.

For Guidry, it was special to see friends, family, teachers, coaches, teammates, and important governing members of the City of Lake Charles come out to support him.

“I mean it’s super cool especially all of my family being out here, and people who are important to the city, the mayor, the city councilman, being able to recognize me, acknowledge the work that I put in, and it’s really cool to have all of the support,” said Guidry.

One of the governing members of Lake Charles who was in attendance was Lake Charles Mayor, Nic Hunter, who awarded Guidry with a key to the city for his efforts in Omaha with LSU, something Guidry didn’t expect.

“I told one of my friends, that I thought it was kind of almost crazy, because I feel like most of the people that get a key to the city are people who do like heroic acts and save lives, and stuff like that, but I just was out there being a kid and playing baseball, doing what I love to do and it impacts peoples lives. It’s really fun to know that what I love doing, and what I’ve been doing my entire life, helps impact people’s lives, and helps bring people happiness, so it’s pretty cool.”

Seeing Guidry get the final six outs for the Tigers, and then be at the bottom of the dogpile following LSU’s 18-4 win in Omaha was special for the Barbe community, and it is something that Barbe Head Coach Glenn Cecchini believes will empower future generations.

“It means, when all these kids realize their dreams, playing in the SEC, playing for their hometown team, and winning a National Championship, and being on the mound. First of all, I’m so happy for Gavin and his family, but also it empowers, it inspires, all these players at Barbe, and the little kids to know hey, that can be me, he gives that hope, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Popular attire at the championship celebration was a Gavin Guidry LSU number one jersey, and for Guidry, it’s special to see his family, friends, and fans supporting him by buying his jersey, but he also says wearing the number one is a special, and unique experience.

“It means a lot, to have all of my family supporting me throughout the year, they all buy jerseys. Something pretty cool about being number one is that when fans, or when someone buys an LSU jersey but doesn’t really have a single person they want to buy it for, the generic number they usually get is number one, so when you go to Alex Box (Stadium) and there are a lot of people wearing number one jerseys, and they may not even be specifically wearing a Gavin Guidry jersey, it’s just an LSU jersey, so that’s pretty cool. I talk about that all the time with the boys, about how that’s kind of cool seeing number one all over the place, and so it feels really good to have all of the support from the fans and from my family.”

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