Local nonprofit giving away A.C. units to qualifying residents

Published: Jul. 3, 2023 at 6:21 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Project Build a Future, a local non-profit is giving out box fans and A.C. units to qualified residents within Calcasieu Parish to help with scorching temperatures outside.

Temperatures have been in the high 90s and some areas have even hit triple digits.

Program Coordinator of Project Build a Future, Felicia Navarre explained why this decision was so crucial.

“We’re in a massive heat wave right now and it’s too hot to go without A.C., some sort of A.C.,” Navarre said.

Air conditioning units and fans are being provided to income-qualified clients in Calcasieu Parish. To be qualified, you must fall within the following guidelines: 60 years old and older or living with a minor that is under the age of 15. A valid driver’s license, one-month income documents, current utility bill, and proof of dependents.

Charla Blake, Executive Director of Build a Future shared what inspired this movement.

“When the temperatures and the heat indexes were 110 plus, we noticed that people were sharing posts and how many people were actually suffering from heat exhaustion and so we realized there were a lot of people out there, who maybe didn’t have working air conditioners or were not ready to handle this amount of heat,” Blake said.

And the volume of feedback proves just how much of a helping hand this program will be in the Lake Area.

“We just started the program on Friday, so it’s been gangbusters this morning,” Blake said. “We had over 45 phone calls, I think from over the weekend, were weeding through those messages and I’ve probably received at least 10 phone calls this morning.”

Blake said they’ve only given out one unit so far, and it does take at least two days for your information to be verified, before receiving your unit. However, you should apply soon since there’s a limited supply.

“So, we have I think 20 box fans and 10 window units at this time,” Blake said. “Now if there is someone in the community that would like to donate to Project Build a Future via money for us to purchase more or a retailer or a big box store who would like to assist us in that program, we definitely aren’t going to turn anybody down.”

The units are given on a first-come, first-served basis. You must also be a resident of Calcasieu Parish.

Below are the maximum income qualifications required based on family size:

Household/ Family Size of 1 - $29,160

Household/ Family Size of 2 - $39,440

Household/ Family Size of 3 - $49,720

Household/ Family Size of 4 - $60,000

Household/ Family Size of 5 - $70,280

Household/ Family Size of 6 - $80,560

For more information, you can reach Project Build a Future by calling 337-439-7191.