Lake Area fans cheer on Tigers in Omaha

Published: Jun. 26, 2023 at 6:17 PM CDT
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Omaha, Neb. (KPLC) - Game 3 of the College World Series is underway tonight, and with everything on the line in the winner-take-all showdown, you can imagine how Tigers fans are feeling in Omaha.

We met up with some Lake Area fans there who say it’s time to bring the title home.

“The first time I came was in 2009 when LSU won the National Championship, and then we came back together in 2017 when they played Florida,” Stephanie Hankins said.

LSU lost that series, but one Lake Area group of friends said the Tigers will get their revenge this year.

“You can’t even put it into words – being here, it’s like a home game for LSU. In Omaha, LSU takes over and it becomes purple and gold,” Nicole Jackson said.

“Our entire hotel is nothing but LSU fans,” another fan said.

Some have their eye on one Southwest Louisiana member of the team especially.

“Basically, we came here to see everybody, but we are rooting for Gavin,” Stacey David said.

Stacey and her husband Luke have a special connection to former Barbe Buc Gavin Guidry.

“I was on the coaching staff at Barbe in 2021 when we won state, and he pitched the championship game,” Luke David said.

They said being on the Bucs baseball team helped prepare Gavin for what he faces in the college championship game.

“Barbe’s got such an excellent program. He puts them in high-stress situations. Even when it’s low-stress situations, they make it feel like it’s high intensity, and they know how to deal with the anxiety and they know how to cope with it and execute,” Luke David said.

Many might think the Tigers are feeling the heat after their loss to Florida, but Luke said he thinks they are remaining cool as they head into the winner-take-all matchup.

“I don’t think they feel stressed. I think they believe in themselves and they have a good team, and they’re here for a reason because they’re a good team, so I think they feel confident,” he said.

Last night’s score may be a little motivation as they take the field, but Luke said they already had all the motivation they need to bring home the title.

“It’s the final game of the College World Series – I mean, that’s enough, so I think they’re ready,” he said.

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