New dredge is christened in SWLA

Published: Jun. 14, 2023 at 6:58 PM CDT
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Westlake, LA (KPLC) - A new ship is christened in the effort to dredge Louisiana’s waterways.

A new vessel is welcomed as the Lorraine Hooks is the first new addition to the fleet at Mike Hooks, LLC since 1984.

“When on project, the Lorraine hooks will meet every aspect of our mission statement,” Mikie McMahon said. “Mike Hooks, LLC is focused on preserving our natural resources, maintaining navigable waterways, and investing in our family of employees.”

McMahon is the COO of Mike Hooks, LLC which was founded and named after his grandfather.

While the work helps make it easier for ships to travel, the dredged material can also help with building up the coast.

“We’re placing back that material on there that we take from under the water and we’re recreating our marshland,” safety training officer Leonel Silva said. “So it’s beneficial for the animals, bird sanctuaries, and stuff like that. It’s a lot more than just digging from the bottom of the channel and pumping it out somewhere.”

What makes the Lorrain Hooks dredge unique to the company is that it has two pumps, while its other dredges only have one.

“So we’ll be able to meet these challenges that are long distances and recreate these marshes and beaches and barrier islands,” McMahon said.

The dredge will work on projects in the state and across the region to improve marine infrastructure.

“This dredge will be able to keep the channels open for in particular like the Port of Lake Charles. we’ll be able to maintain the depths required for the ships to come in,” McMahon said.

Since the length of projects varies, the ship’s living quarters can house around 30 to 35 crew members at a time.

The Lorraine Hooks is expected to set sail in July and will begin dredging the Calcasieu Ship Channel.