GOTTA EAT: Taste the insanity with Insane Sausages

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Published: May. 26, 2023 at 9:14 AM CDT
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Vinton, LA (KPLC) - If you are a fan of creativity or just love some fresh boudin and sausage, there’s a place in Vinton that’s calling your name!

We stopped by Insane Sausages to test out their claim of having “insane” sausages that combine all the things you love and puts them all together in a sausage.

“You almost have to be insane to produce it or even try it,” said owner Derrick Gaspard.

It all started when Derrick Gaspard was given a sausage stuffer for Christmas. From that moment he began to develop all kinds of crazy ideas on what to make sausage out of, paving the road to his now successful business.

“It almost became sort of a path that was drawing itself for me,” said Gaspard.

Now, Gaspard’s restaurant has made and sold over a hundred boudin and sausage creations that will leave your tastebuds going crazy. But how does the idea of such a fun and tasty creation come to life?

“The generation of the idea comes from maybe food that people have heard of, just never in the form that we create it in,” said Gaspard. “We don’t try and just replicate things that people have had success on. We try to pave our own success.”

And the flavors he makes have left quite the impression with his customers.

From their variation on the chili cheese dog to the four cheese explosion and crawfish boil sausage, each one will have you questioning how they managed to pack all that flavor into a link of sausage or boudin. But once you try it, Gaspard will have you questioning just how his restaurant managed to master to the art of flavor that might seem “out of the box.”

But don’t just take my word for it. Take it from one Lake Charles local, Jeremy Broussard, who drives all the way to Vinton just to get a taste of the insanity.

“It’s like an explosion of flavor. It’s just regular flavors harmoniously mixed and balanced to where you’re just blown away when you try something,” said Broussard.

And if you want to test the hype, try out their Mexican Hangover Sandwich which features two pork enchilada boudin roll-ups, topped with a pepper Jack boudin ball, and a bit of ranch.

I tried plenty of the popular options on the menu and only managed to scratch the surface. So if you’re in the mood for something new, swing by one of their two locations which both feature different menu items.

2255 LA-109, Vinton

303 S Cities Service Hwy, Sulphur