Flooding concerns grow with areas of poor drainage as hurricane season approaches

Published: May. 23, 2023 at 6:40 PM CDT
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Moss Bluff, LA (KPLC) - As hurricane season approaches, some worry about their home’s protection against heavy rain and tropical storms.

One Moss Bluff man is concerned his home may flood saying the drainage ditch by his house is clogged.

“Natural disasters happen,” Marty Smith said. “Bad things take place and no one can be at fault. This is a situation that is easily preventable. It’s just a matter of clearing out the drainage that someone blocked and for whatever reason, no one wants to take responsibility for clearing it out.”

Smith lives on Campfire Road in Moss Bluff. He said he noticed poor drainage in his neighborhood after Hurricane Laura.

“The drain is not completely stopped, but slowed down quite a bit,” he said. “What happens when we get a decent rain, this water has nowhere to go so it will start backing up in my yard.”

A culvert connects the ditch in his front yard to a larger drainage ditch across the street. That’s where limbs and branches appear to be causing a problem.

“My concern is we get these 20-inch rains or God forbid something like Baton Rouge had a few years ago with over 30 inches of rain, there’s going to be water in my house and the house of my neighbors,” Smith said. “I just think it’s unfortunate when it could be resolved if the drainage was fixed.”

Smith reached out to his police juror and has been in contact with public works. While the parish can help clear the waterway, they must have permission since this particular issue falls on private property.

The parish tells 7News gravity drainage officials are trying to work something out with the property owner. Until then, Smith hopes the skies stay clear.

“It really creates some problems and concerns,” Smith said.

Records show that the property is owned by a developer. We reached out, but have not yet heard back.