Ward 6 voters in Beauregard to decide on alcohol sales

Published: Apr. 25, 2023 at 8:45 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Voters in southern Beauregard Parish have a big decision to make Saturday.

Will they change from a dry area to one where you can buy a mixed drink? Or wine and beer?

Voters in Ward 6 will decide whether they want any alcohol sales in their area. If so, they can choose between the percentage of alcohol and whether it’s just package sales, or just in restaurants, or none at all.

“We want the sale of beer and wine in convenience stores, grocery stores as well as in restaurants. We do not want any bars of any type,” said Adam Lagneaux who worked to get the issue on the ballot.

He says they believe alcohol sales would help the economy.

“For a restaurant to make it in such a rural area, their margins can be tight to begin with, so the sale of alcohol, a beer, a glass of wine with your meal, it really makes it a lot more attractive for a restaurant to open in the area. Same thing with a grocery store,” he said.

Voters will decide on five propositions. Prop One would allow no more than 6% for package sales only. Prop Two allows no more than 6% for consumption on premises. While Prop Three would allow one-half of one percent for consumption on premises. Prop Four calls for only one-half of one percent and sold by package only, not to consume on premises. And finally, Prop Five would allow high and low alcoholic content but only in restaurants.

Lagneaux says a yes vote on Props One, Four, and Five would accomplish what they want.

The Beauregard ballot also includes two parish-wide school propositions: a property tax continuation and a bond issue for school improvements.

13 precincts will vote on whether to continue a property tax for fire protection in District 1.