Witness admits being paid driver for alleged hitman in Lake Charles murder trial

Published: Apr. 18, 2023 at 9:01 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - The state is laying out the evidence for jurors who will soon decide if Jermaine Washington is the one who killed Dorian Colston on July 4 weekend in 2018.

The alleged hitman is charged with first-degree murder.

Jurors heard testimony Tuesday from one of Washington’s associates who was allegedly his driver.

Jurors have heard several associates of Washington testify about texts and conversations about a hit against Colston and whether Washington was going to do it.

Witness Karrington “Keke” Henry took the stand in orange jail clothes to tell how Washington offered to pay him to be his driver in connection with the hit.

Henry talked about driving Washington to meet Colston. He testified Washington walked to Colston’s car, got in and killed him. He testified he saw a flash of fire as he looked in his rear-view mirror toward Colston’s car.

Henry also talked about getting $2,000 for driving but said he was promised $5,000.

He also told about the gun being ditched in a storm drain near north Jake and Opelousas streets back in 2018. About two weeks ago, Henry revealed to authorities where the gun had been tossed. Deputies found the badly corroded gun in the storm drain.

The gun was inoperable due to exposure to the elements, but investigators were able to get it apart. It contained red-painted bullets previously connected to the case.

Jurors saw photos of the storm drain, gun and red bullets in the courtroom.

A state police firearms analysis expert testified she examined the damaged gun, and testing determined a shell casing in evidence came from the gun retrieved from the storm drain.

Henry previously pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and testified he expects leniency for testifying truthfully.

Some jurors expressed discomfort Tuesday running into audience members from the courtroom congregating in the parking lot where jurors park. Court security took measures to designate separate areas for jurors and spectators. The defense asked for a mistrial, but the judge denied it.

The trial is expected to wrap up Wednesday.