Cameron Parish plans to enhance beach safety awareness after apparent drownings

Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 7:26 PM CDT
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Cameron, LA (KPLC) - Safety concerns are growing following a tragedy at a Cameron Parish beach where a mother and two of her children died in an apparent drowning over the weekend.

The Beachfront Development Board is acting fast to make the destination safer.

“You know, the Gulf is no place for amateurs,” Cameron resident Tasha Scott said. “You think you drive down here on a whim and say ‘oh yeah them waves look fun, let’s go out there,’ but you have to really know what it is to look for and to be aware of. And if you do get in a rip current, how to get out of it safely.”

Coastal community members, like Scott, want to see more safety measures at the Cameron beaches.

There are some signs posted at beach entry points, but residents are saying that’s not enough.

Scott attended Monday night’s beachfront meeting pushing for change.

“I was angry and wanted something to be done,” Scott said. “So then I was like, well maybe I’ll do something about it.”

She said at the meeting, the Beachfront Development Board approved enhancing safety awareness.

“They were more than happy to approve more signs, bigger signs. They’re going to put, I think, flags in play. Also, these are the brochures we normally give that have the beaches all in the area, and they’re going to revamp this to include information about the rip tides and whatnot,” Scott said.

She said she’s glad to see her community taking quick action after the recent tragedy.

“I think as a community it would help, and it’s kind of our responsibility to bring the knowledge to the people and to help,” she said. “I mean, if it just saves one life, then that’s one life it saves. So hopefully, that’s going to get done and get out there as soon as possible.”

The parish has already purchased new signs and will install them as soon as they come in.