Local non-profit rushes to assist after storms

Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 10:02 PM CST
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Beauregard Parish, LA (KPLC) - No one is ever ready for a disaster, but New Step Outreach is and was.

As soon as they heard about the tornado in Beauregard Parish, they called Beauregard Parish Sheriff Mark Herford to find out how they could help.

“We already do disaster relief, so we always have buckets and supplies on hand anyhow, so I told him that we were ready to go and I asked him if he needed us last night or would he prefer this morning,” Mary Cross of New Step Outreach said. “He said wait ‘till day break, so first thing this morning we showed up.”

The 501c3 non-profit not only shows up for disasters, but also for veterans and seniors.

“We started off in 2019 as a disaster relief program; 2020 came, kind of shifted gears with COVID and then we kind of got into some senior care, is what we call it,” Cross said. “So, we started doing commodity boxes for our senior citizens and that kind of just grew, and we couldn’t, we couldn’t stop that, so now we do disaster relief, we do commodity boxes; we’re here to help in any way possible.”

Every month, New Step provides over 500 meals. During Hurricane Laura, they fed 1,700 people per day for two and a half weeks straight.

New Step believes there are no boundaries when it comes to helping.

“Our actual motto is ‘we want to bring hope to those that are feeling hopeless’,” Cross said. “We want to bring hope into this community; into the outside communities. We don’t just service Beauregard Parish, we’ve gone into Calcasieu, we’ve gone into Vernon, we’ve gone into Allen; we’re not bound by boundaries if that makes sense.”

After losing her father in 2011, Cross found that helping others also allowed her to help herself.

“The best way that I knew how to cope was to help somebody else who was broken. I’ve actually for my personal self, received a lot of healing in doing all of this because when you get to make somebody else’s day when they have just been totally devastated, you forget all about your devastation.”

To find out how to help support New Step Outreach and they’re efforts, CLICK HERE.