Special needs cats rescue and sanctuary looking for help and donations

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Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 5:53 AM CST
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Jennifer Joyce began opening her home to cats long before moving from New York to Lake Charles, giving those who may not have had the most purr-fect life a second chance at love and safety.

”I’m caring for over 30 cats right now,” says Joyce. “I just love cats I mean I think that they are amazing.”

After starting the nonprofit “Jenifur’s Love and Hope Special Needs Animal Rescue and Sanctuary” in 2015 she made it her mission to help furry friends who have special needs. In her home, she’s dedicated rooms to the cats who often need extra care and attention and plenty of space to relax and heal.

“I want to give cats a place to live until they die if they can not find a home,” says Joyce.

While her organization tries to get all the cats in her care adopted, Joyce says she also needs to take care of the sicker ones in the meantime. It’s that special care that can get expensive when over half of the 30 cats she cares for need medication.

“I give them pain meds, antibiotics, fluids...whatever they need. They have a litter box room. TV is on for them twenty-four seven, I even have three cat trees, three big ones.”

Joyce says that putting the cats first is her main priority and that it’s a full-time job caring for the little felines. But she also says that the job isn’t getting any easier since she currently does it all herself.

Something she says would be incredibly helpful are volunteers. Other than that her organization could really use any donations to help with medications, treatments, and vet visits. She’s even created an Amazon Wishlist for her rescue’s other needs such as cat food, litter, a water fountain bedding, detergent for washing their blankets and bedding, and toys to keep the cats happy and active.

To donate you can call 718-974-7504 or email Jenajoyce68@gmail.com.