The newest mural in Lake Charles remembers the past and celebrates the future

Published: Nov. 27, 2022 at 9:48 AM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) -A community fun day was planned for the grand unveiling of the new mural on Broad Street that took eight weeks to complete. Two local artists, Derrick Thornton and Shannon DeJean commissioned the painting to showcase businesses that we have lost in recent years, due to Hurricane Laura and other impactful factors – and to also inspire those in the community to bring other businesses to life.

“Me and Derrick collaborated and this was the vision we both had. Pretty much the same idea in mind. We wanted to pay homage to a lot of the businesses that were not only in Lake Charles, but North Lake Charles that made a big impact on us growing up, and the images we saw growing up,” Shannon DeJean said.

The Lake Charles mural is one of six murals for the Gulf Coast Mural Project -- with murals located in New Orleans, Lake Charles, Corpus Christie, Brownsville, Houston, and Port Arthur.

“It means a lot. As a kid from this community, it stands for a great deal, it gives a sense of hope, it provides something for children every day to look at, see themselves. It gives you something to fight for. Something to bring back. A great deal of things. It’s powerful, its encouraging, it’s about unity and clean air, and making the society better,” Derrick Thornton said.

Southwest Louisiana welcomes in new hope that this artwork will bring people off the interstate and into their businesses.

“We were commissioned by miss Tasha Guidry and the Sierra club, Derrick Thornton and I, to do the gulf coast mural projects for the city of Lake Charles. It is supposed to be our vision of what we would like our city to resemble,” DeJean said.

The artists hope that the mural inspires the community to continue towards rebuilding, unity, and hope. You can find the mural at 1707 Broad Street.