Cypress Cove Elementary students give thanks

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Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 8:42 AM CST
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Sulphur, LA (KPLC) - Thanksgiving is all about sharing what you’re thankful for during the holiday season. So, we went down to Cypress Cove Elementary in Sulphur to see just what they’re giving thanks for this year.

“Thanksgiving is whenever you spend time with your family and friends.”

By coloring turkeys and decorating the halls, the students of Cypress Cove Elementary are expressing their thanks this season.

“I’m thankful for my school, my family, my friends and everybody.”

“I’m thankful for my dad. He went out of town and he went to fight for the flag.”

“I’m thankful for my friends, family, and my brother and my friend named Heavenly.”

But where did the holiday tradition of Thanksgiving come from?

“The pilgrims, they made this world, and then they made Thanksgiving.”

“The Pilgrims settled in Jamestown and met the Native Americans and had a successful harvest, so they threw a feast. Honoring the food and the Native Americans.”

“Thanksgiving came from a celebration between Native Americans and early pilgrims where they had a feast. And, as far as we know, it was three days long.”

And Speaking of a feast, you can’t have a Thanksgiving meal without

“Turkey, mashed potatoes, and maybe some peas!”

“Turkey and corn.”

Some even say they could take cooking into their own hands.

“If I had to cook a Turkey I’d use Cayenne pepper.”

“You just cook a Turkey and put it in an oven...for like 40 minutes.”

So to everyone in SWLA, Happy Thanksgiving from Cypress Cove Elementary School and KPLC.