Elizabeth mayoral candidates outline plans to grow the town

Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 6:20 AM CST
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Elizabeth, LA (KPLC) - With many across Southwest Louisiana preparing to head to the polls on Nov. 8, four candidates are vying for mayor in the town of Elizabeth.

The candidates are Tina Coleman, Swen Rortvedt, Stacy Haymon, and the current Mayor Mandy Green. Three of the candidates were available to speak with KPLC regarding projects they’d like to work on in the town such as an updated sewer system and renovations around the town.

Incumbent Mayor Green says, “My goal is to upgrade our sewer system, it’s out of date, it’s 40-something years old. We only supply sewer to only about 100 residents here in Elizabeth, the rest have to have their own sewage system. That’s the main thing, is to make sure our infrastructures are updated, to proceed forward on the goals I originally set out for. We’re going to update our park equipment, road improvement, business development...those are just some things I’d like to achieve.”

Swen Rortvedt outlined his plans, “There’s a lot of things, but in reality, it’s step by step. One of the things is the sign out front is rotten. First impressions are everything. As for the water system, I mean it’s an old city and it’s probably going to take a pretty big grant to replace a bunch of lines but that’s something I’d like to accomplish.”

Tina Coleman also noted the sewer system was a priority, “The biggest project is probably going to be our sewer system. I know that there have been trials at getting a grant for that and it was not done successfully. I would like to re-approach that in a different manner and try to get that done so we can broaden our community. I would like to, I know they’ve already started restoring our city hall, and I want to continue to be on top of that and get that done. We also received a grant to redo the park and I want to get that fulfilled and watch that grow.”

The word “change” was something all three candidates spoke about saying they want to see Elizabeth grow.

Mayor Green says, “I’m just excited what the future of Elizabeth, the progress that we’ve made, and whether I’m in office, or whoever steps into office, I still have an interest in doing what’s right for this community so I will still continue to be here.”

Swen Rortvedt said it’s all about family, “I believe it’s time for change. There’s a lot of things that I think could happen for families. That’s what I’m about is families and getting families back together.”

Tina Coleman says, “I’ve told everybody, I’m not a politician, but I have heart. That’s all I can offer is my heart and that I care about the people. I want to be the voice for the people. That’s the only reason why I’m running.”

Candidate Stacy Haymon is not running under a specific party and was not available for an interview. However, she told KPLC that she’s also an advocate for positive change in Elizabeth.