Sports Person of the Week: Kyron Labove

Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 9:53 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) -A mother’s love is something many of us know….Sometimes it’s what shapes us into the people we are meant to be….

For Kyron Labove, his senior year is looking a little different than he was expecting it to.

His mother, Christie Labove, was diagnosed with cancer back in April, and since July, Kyron and his younger brother Kyndall have been taking care of her and getting her to her different appointments.

“Kinda helps me prove I can help other people while taking care of myself. If someone needs my help, I can help them, while not struggling to do things on my own. It helps me step up,” Kyron Labove said.

“(My mom tells me) that I’m one of her biggest helps, and I help her keep going,” Kyndall Labove said.

This time Kyron spends trying to help make sure his mom has what she needs is just another day in the life to him, but to his mom it means the world.

“I don’t have the words for it. I can’t give them enough credit because they just do it, without hesitation,” Christie Labove said.

Kyron still has football practice every day, but helping his mom sometimes causes him to miss moments with his team… Kyron’s teammates don’t know the full extent, but he has his coaches support both on and off the field.

“Every day after school I bring her to her treatment and I come back… I’m a few minutes late to practice and I miss our warmups…. They don’t really know much about it, I just I don’t let them worry about it, I just do what I do on the field, and I come home and take care of this,” Kyron said.

As for Kyron, his plans for after high school are to go to school to continue to help others.

“Kyron’s, you know it’s his senior year, so he’s like mom what should I do, trying to find his way. He’s decided that he wants to go to nursing school,” Christie said.