Alexander, Bellard in race for Oberlin mayor

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 7:06 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Larry Alexander and Wallace Bellard Jr. are both hoping to fill a new role in the town they call home.

Both are running for mayor of Oberlin in the Nov. 8 election.

The winner of the election will take the spot of Wayne Smith, who was appointed mayor in April after former mayor Joseph “Moochie” Manuel resigned for health reasons.

KPLC spoke with both Alexander and Bellard.

“I believe in our community, I think we got some great people here,” Alexander said. “I think there’s a great opportunity here for us to do better. As citizens, it’s our duty and our responsibility that rather than to complain, to get involved.”

Alexander served in several leadership roles before running for mayor. He is currently an assistant principal at Kinder High School and serves as a liaison for the Oberlin Town Council.

“Throughout my career in education, I have held various leadership roles,” Alexander said. “I’ve been in roles at the department of education that put me in positions where I have led large teams, built teams and one of the things we have to do here is bring Oberlin together.”

Bellard is a former councilman as well as a pastor. He is a member of the Eastern Seventh District Baptist Association and has had other active roles in the community.

“Being a pastor, I’ve been able to communicate and be in touch with the community,” Bellard said. “We have to understand, while we have some authority the biggest thing we have is responsibility. I’ve learned that from pastoring for 40 years.”

We asked both candidates what they believe are the main problems Oberlin needs to address. Both brought up Oberlin’s water system.

“We have a water problem, we have a sewer condition that’s being addressed, we’re just coming out of a contentious situation with a contracting situation with our water project that really was not completed,” Bellard said.

“We have some serious budgetary issues currently in our town,” Alexander said. “You know, that’s before we can begin fixing problems, we’ve got to figure out what our budget looks like. We’ve got a lot of issues to address but I think our number one priority has to be our water system.”

Both candidates say they will work toward building a stronger community in the Town of Oberlin.