Teen Report: Student athletic trainers

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 6:39 AM CDT
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Moss Bluff, LA (KPLC) - From the football field to the basketball court and every other sport’s sidelines, athletic trainers are always on hand to keep our young athletes in the game and healthy.

It’s a Friday night in Southwest Louisiana, and this time of year that can only mean one thing: Football season is back.

Raegan Dow is the Sam Houston High School student athletic trainer and explains why she sought out the job, “Participating in the sport. It’s just a fun environment to be around. I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s so fun. I love it so much.”

Dow says she’s learning how to navigate the immersive, hands-on world of sports medicine at the College Street Vocational Center. And her instructor, Alex Dibbley had high praise for his student.

“Raegan’s a great student. She’s a hard worker and dedicated. She’s very smart. She catches on quickly. She’s almost always the first to have an answer to a question. And she’s very eager to learn.”

Dibbley says nothing is more rewarding as a teacher than to see his students take their classroom learning to the sidelines at practices and games.

“I get students not only that are in my class now that I can see grow and get better at what they do. But I see online, a lot of times, I see former students from a decade ago that were in my class and doing great and wonderful things and it’s really satisfying.”

It’s that satisfaction of keeping athletes hydrated, healthy, and equipped to stay in the game that keeps Raegan motivated for the long hours and hard work of being a student athletic trainer.

She says, “On the field. It’s very fast-paced. Something’s always going on. You’re either watching the game or you’re filling up water, or you’re taping an ankle or you’re wrapping a wound. It’s...Everything’s just going, going, going. You’re never stopping. It’s just very. Go, go, go.”

In the classroom with fellow student athletic trainers where students like Raegan learn how to evaluate injuries, perform CPR, and check vital signs.

“Mr. Dibbley is an amazing teacher. He really helps you out. It’s just a nice environment. You don’t ever feel left out. You don’t ever feel excluded. It’s an amazing day.”

Raegan says her class is already serving as the launchpad to the start of an exciting career and meaningful place on a team of trainers with the same passion for helping athletes excel.

“Being around my fellow trainers and watching the game from that close, being around all the athletes, all the coaches…I love it so much.”

The athletic training program is also being offered at Sulphur High School. The students interested in pursuing this career professionally typically go to college where they will study athletic training, kinesiology, or physical therapy.