New laser acne treatment offered in Lake Charles

Published: Aug. 30, 2022 at 7:27 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - New research shows four out of five people with moderate to severe acne have skipped memorable moments in their life due to breakouts. There’s a new treatment on the market, and a Lake Charles skincare clinic is the only one offering it in the state.

“So there’s a lot of different aspects to acne care, but the root of it all is the sebaceous gland, a clogged pore and a bacteria that lives in a unique environment that it’s providing,” said Dr. Allison Clement, M.D. of the Skin Studios.

Some acne treatments work from the inside out likes antibiotics, while others use topical steroids. The newest line of defense is an acne laser which aims to produce the same results, drug-free.

“This has a unique wavelength that targets specifically sebum-producing glands in the skin or cell, it’s called sebocytes and causes them not to be quite as overactive and swollen, and doesn’t allow for the home for those acne bacteria to be stable,” Dr. Clement said.

Dr. Clement said the Aviclear acne laser can be used on patients 13 and older. She says FDA clearance is specifically for use on the face, but the treatment has been successful on other troublesome areas.

“In the back, in the jaw, or the back of the arms. There’s acne there, especially in young men that affects multiple parts of the body. If you have an oil gland, which every part of your skin does then this treats it,” she said.

And no matter where your acne may be, Clement said if it’s really bothersome, seek professional advice and always remember: “You’re not alone and 99.99 percent of the time there’s nothing you did to cause it.”

For more information where this service is being offered, you can visit the Skin Studios website.