Deadline looms to file Hurricane Laura claim if insurance didn’t properly pay

Claims must be filed by Aug. 27 or 29, depending on the attorney
Published: Aug. 25, 2022 at 7:35 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - It’s been a long two years since Hurricane Laura pummeled Southwest Louisiana. There are still many homes that have blue roofs or have repairs that are just starting.

It’s the 11th hour, and there may be a few out there who still have legitimate Laura claims. If so, they’d better make haste.

If you want to see houses damaged from Hurricane Laura, you don’t have to search long to find blue roofs and other repair work underway. Whether they had insurance, one can only guess.

Attorney Matt Lundy says there are only two situations in which someone should try to sue.

“If they are certain they’ve been underpaid, or haven’t been paid at all, and that they are owed money under their policy, then they need to take action and try to find a lawyer that will take their claim at this late of a date,” Lundy said.

Since lawsuits must be filed within two years, that means by Saturday, Aug. 27 or the Monday, Aug. 29, depending on which attorney you consult.

Lundy says all of his suits will be filed by the 27th.

“I’m going to have our lawsuits filed by tomorrow, before the 27th, just so I can sleep comfortably over the weekend that all of our claims have been filed timely,” he said.

Lundy says proper research is required before filing a lawsuit.

“We could name the wrong insurance company because people change policies, sometimes they’ll bring us their new policy that wasn’t in effect at the time of hurricane Laura, or they’ll even bring us a policy that they had before Laura. So, we’ve got to make certain, in the first place, that we’ve named the right insurance company,” Lundy said.

He said he’s seen a lot of suffering over the past two years and is pleased attorneys have been able to help those with valid claims.

“Whatever you do don’t give up. Try to get it yourself. Exhaust those efforts. Then contact an attorney. But whatever you do don’t give up,” said Lundy.

Lundy estimates between federal, state and city courts that 6,000 to 7,000 lawsuits have been filed.