McNeese Football coaching staff names first two captains for this season

Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 10:58 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - McNeese football named their first set of team tag holders for the upcoming season. The two that were picked are wide receiver Walker Wood, and defensive lineman C.J. Semien, a tag holder is head coach Gary Goff’s version of a team captain, but it has a twist.

Goff stated, “We don’t have the team vote for captains, that can turn into a popularity competition, and that’s not really what captains are.”

Instead, the coaching staff picks the players that fit the values that have been set for the team. Tag holders, as Coach Goff said, need to tough, they must have a good attitude, good discipline, they hold their teammates accountable, and he must hold himself accountable as well.

Walker Wood has had a busy last couple weeks as he transitioned from quarterback to slot receiver. His natural leadership from under center though has carried on as he said, “I have to continue to do a good job as a leader and continue to earn the respect of my teammates and coaches.” Wood also talked about how it is an honor to be a tag holder for the Cowboys, and that he does not take it lightly.

Semien, the only defensive tag holder stated, “It feels great that I’ve been acknowledged by my teammates and coaches, I just want to keep working every day, and show them why I earned the tags.”

The Cowboy’s and their new captains head out to Bozeman, Montana on September 3rd to open their season against Montana State.