Red Cross of Louisiana organizes relief for Kentucky floods

Louisiana Red Cross in Kentucky in aftermath of deadly floods.
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 11:36 AM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - It’s a devastating sight on the ground in Kentucky as the American Red Cross of Louisiana rushes to provide relief and help to those affected by the recent floods.

“Last night, we provided comfort and care for about 500 people in 16 different shelters,” says Shawn Schulze, CEO of the American Red Cross of Louisiana.

Volunteers from all over the country have made their way to Kentucky to assist with the aftermath of the recent flash floods. And Schulze says the Red Cross of Louisiana already has 9 volunteers on the ground in eastern Kentucky.

“They’re there to provide many things and there’s a whole list of things I could go through but most importantly they’re there to make sure there’s comfort and care given to those in need,” says Schulze.

Local volunteers, including a couple from Oakdale who are on their fourth deployment, have arrived to lend a hand to those in their time of need.

He says this humanitarian work is important and that many in Louisiana have a good idea of what it’s like to go through a devastating disaster.

“Anything, any little bit helps, if you can imagine, losing, which a lot of people from Louisiana can, losing everything. how do you start over, what do you do where do you get the medical devices you need, where do you get medicine, glasses, and we support with all of that as well.”

Schulze says anyone who wants to help but are physically unable to volunteer can make an online donation to the American Red Cross.

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